Figma iOS UI kit

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Figma iOS UI kit based on trusted and popular mobile patterns, collected from famous and successful apps. It contains 240+ light & dark responsive templates, which you can customize, detach and reconfigure according to your mission. Fine collection of layouts where everything is covered in advance.

Build mobile apps faster with reusable iOS templates

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  • Ready to use Figma templates for mobile apps design. A variety of styles available for each screen. Layouts are easy to customize.
  • You'll save time and reduce the development costs because this design kit contains everything: Components, Templates, Patterns, Icons and delivers a lot of ideas to build cool apps.
  • This iOS kit is components-driven and organized well. Each component comes with resizing constraints set correctly. You will discover a lot of native & styled mobile UI items.
  • You'll skip a pixel routine during the start of a new mobile project. With our product, you now can start bringing your ideas into life immediately. No need to craft buttons, inputs, tabs and other bits. We got 'em all!

More than 1,000 happy customers

15 sections of components

Navigation bars, Bottom bars, Text fields, Selection controls, Icons, Buttons, Cards, Lists, Dialogs, Graphs, Social components, Datepickers, Empty states, Engagement, Filtering, Bottom sheets, Pickers and more.

23 categories of iOS patterns

Authentication, Cards layouts, Comments, Date selection, Filtering patterns, Home screens, Inputs combinations, Launch screens, Lists, Maps, Messages, Navigation, Profile, Subscription plans, Search, Settings, PIN input, Registration, Bottom sheets, Grids, Charts statistics, Data tables and more.

For whom?

Designers, skip creating from scratch those boring mobile elements along with every new project. Use these templates to concentrate on important things, not on pixel routine

Developers, this iOS library allows you to learn or enhance design skills. Jump into a process, where you only need to drag and fit a component to build fine apps

Founders, take this library and publish for a team to provide an opportunity to quickstart massive iOS designing. Reduce costs and save time. It's priceless! 

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Figma library with iOS components and application templates

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Figma iOS UI kit

11 ratings
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